Every Tuesday Night

All burgers £10

Back by popular demand, the return of Burger Night Tuesdays is the moment we’ve been waiting for all year here at The Punchbowl, and we can’t wait to get started.


From Tuesday 25th July onwards, you can satisfy your burger craving every Tuesday night, choosing from a menu of creative meaty options such as the ‘Little Italy’ beef patty with aubergine parmigiana, crispy lettuce & melted mozzarella or the ‘Cod Father’: cod fishcake with mushy peas, tomato relish & tartare sauce. We also have a variety of sides you can add on to your order.


See a sample Burger Night Menu 


To keep things interesting, the menu will change frequently so you never need to have the same burger twice (though of course, you’re more than welcome to).


To book a table for Burger Night Tuesdays, get in touch with us on  +44 (0) 207 493 6841 or [email protected]


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